Jesse Reed, President

Jennifer Billings, Staff

Jesse Reed

President & Founder, Green Collar Cleaners

The green economy offers a business model that works for people and planet, social and economic justice, community and environmental health. Those who think of the triple-bottom line economic model (integrating social and economic justice, environmental restoration, and financial sustainability) vs profit-maximizing model are hard to find. As the company founder, I believe in the green economy model and believe I have a way to kickstart a green economy on the South Side of Chicago.

Four years ago, my vision was to create an eco-friendly dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service in Chicago. The idea was so good that I was selected as a candidate for the Quinlan Business School of Loyola University Micro Entrepreneurship program.

We laid out a promising business plan that shows where an eco-friendly business could go. I have also seen the shared economy model rise and attract substantial investment from East and West coast venture capital companies, as represented by companies like UBER, We Deliver, and Dryv who have received great financing and valuation and have kicked off their businesses to great fanfare and controversy.

I am committed to creating a green economic engine in my way and I seek partners that share my vision of a green future!  I have met other people who fully support my ideas and now have a strong team of advisors.

With the opening of Green Collar Cleaners in Hyde Park, I take my first public step towards creating a green economic engine in Chicago! 

I thank you for your support and look forward to working with you!