Introducing Dinobi Detergent at Green Collar Cleaners!

We were introduced to Dinobi Detergent and we were so impressed with their innovative product, we have adopted it for our Wash & Fold laundry service as well as carrying the product in our store for you to use at home!

Here's their story:

Sylvia Emuwa is a wife, mom of four and mom-preneur who saw a need for a unique product that would be gentle enough yet effective on her babies' and her husband's precious skin when doing laundry. On this journey, she found that the products she was using were either too harsh, or not effective enough to remove odor and stains.

This journey started seven years ago when our firstborn needed a diaper change. When the diaper was removed, our baby's legs were wrinkled and discolored from the harsh chemicals used to keep wetness from the baby's skin. At that moment, we began cloth diapering but found that our babies still had rashes every now and then that didn't make sense. One day, Sylvia simply turned over the bottle of detergent she was using, thought about all the other natural concoctions she'd made over the years to combat diaper rash, smell, etc., and realized that this could be harnessed into a detergent that would combat stains and odor, yet be gentle enough to use everyday. Her husband, Augie, noticed he'd gotten no feedback from other companies when he asked about ingredients in the detergent we were using and that his eczema flared up right after the clothes were washed. We then started on the mission to provide a natural, one stop shop detergent that encourages cloth diapering and bounces ammonia while maintaining the integrity of the diaper and our babies' precious skin. That mission has since evolved to accommodate anyone and everyone with precious skin who may not be able to use every day products. Join the Dinobi journey and laundry with us!

Enjoy a Deeper Clean for Your Clothes!
Dinobi Detergent is an all-natural laundry detergent that is tough on even the most set-in stains and odors. Its gentle formula, combined with its powerful cleaning ability, makes it an excellent choice for cloth diapers and other heavy-duty cleaning jobs. Shop our organic laundry detergent today. 

Safe, Simple Ingredients for Your Family and the Planet
Our hypoallergenic laundry detergent contains only four ingredients, including water, essential oils, plant-based surfactant, and vegetable fatty alcohol. This makes it one of the best laundry detergents for sensitive skin, eczema, and other concerns. Its light lavender scent will leave clothes smelling better than ever without the use of harsh artificial fragrances. 

Now available at Green Collar Cleaners!

32 oz. Plastic bottle    $15.99

32 oz. Glass Bottle  $16.99