Our Fresh Approach to Your Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Some things we take for granted, for example, how your clothes are dry cleaned.

Not all dry cleaners use the same cleaning methods! In fact, most use cleaning solutions that are soon to be outlawed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)!

In a few years, the EPA is going to outlaw the use of a cleaning solution called perchlorethlyne, AKA perc

Almost 99% of dry cleaners are using perc. It does a great job, but perc can cause dizziness, headaches and pollute our water supply. Its long time use has been identified as a pollutant and a hazard to our health.

Can you do anything about it? Select a dry cleaner who has the foresight to implement a eco-friendly cleaning years in advance of the ban. That is Green Collar Cleaners, right here in Hyde Park