Welcome to Green Collar Cleaners!

Welcome to Green Collar CleanersGreen Collar Cleaners is focused on the big picture of dry cleaning and laundry.  We are all about clean clothes, processed efficiently and delivered with a smile.  But also all of the other things which are a integral part of getting cleaning and laundry done, things like keeping our water supply clean, reucing carbon emissions, whether its from how we operate our vechicles, how we conduct business.  Re-cycling, using recycled paper and other objects.

Clean living starts with your clothes, but it also means protecting the environment around you, our air, our water, our earth.  We only get one earth in our lifetime, so lets keep it a lifetime!

WestPullmanPoster 2Roseland & Pullman, we're here for you!

Green Collar Cleaners kicks off Pick Up & Delivery in the Pullman and Roseland communities. The closing of Star Cleaners in Pullman means that a delivery service for Dry Cleaning and Wash & Fold could serve you well.  Beginning Oct 1, 2021!

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